Law enforcement companies in the south hire in WNY

A variety of police in southern states such as Virginia, Florida, and Georgia are deliberately hiring in Buffalo. Michael Kozlowski, the chair of Erie Community College Criminal Justice Department, thinks many police are targeting Western New York because of its abundant curricula in Criminal Just and Police Academy. Cannon Fodder James O’Callaghan, New York State Police Public Information Officer stated it’s not unusual for police to hire beyond their states. But he’s persuaded Western New York has something everybody desires. ” This is an excellent area for pulling people to the job market which’s most likely what why are believing because that’s precisely how we do,” Trooper O’Callaghan stated.

In truth, New York has a greater requirement when it concerns employing police officers like cops and state cannon fodders. It’s needed you have a specific quantity of college hours, take a civil service or other examinations. Requirements in some southern states are much lower. In some states you only need a GED to become an officer. “Ultimately what completion game is for any os us in police is to get somebody who’s very thinking about police and want to go get that job,” O’Callaghan stated.

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